Peace: 100 Ideas

Vintage CDA


Limited supply!

We’re heartened by the actions taken by individuals and organizations across the country to stand behind Black lives, and want to continue to do our part. We’re pleased to offer our book at a reduced price of $20, with 75% donated directly to the Equal Justice Initiative.

EJI strives to end mass incarceration and excessive punishment that disproportionately affects Black lives, and we stand with them in demanding equity, justice, and peace in this country.

Peace: 100 Ideas has 200 pages of original, full-color visual inspiration amplifying Dr. David Krieger’s list which challenges us all to rethink previous perceptions and re-examine our roles in the wider community. We created our book in 2003, in response to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, to offer manageable ways to be part of the solution for a reconciled world.

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