Fingerprint No. 2

The Evolution of Handmade Elements in Graphic Design

Be part of an exciting revolution in design. Explore the fusion of the digital with the hand-wrought. Leave your own fingerprint in a world full of predictable, sterile, computer-driven solutions.

Since the first Fingerprint was published, ideas that were once on the fringe have begun to thrive in the mainstream. From typography and illustration to book-making and film titles, elements of handcraft have woven into our everyday life.

Fingerprint No. 2 reflects the evolution of those ideas. Featuring many projects created entirely without the aid of computer technology, as well as those that incorporate the handmade and digital to best communicate a message—a third hybrid aesthetic is emerging, that marries the technologies of the past and future into a vibrant, exciting present.

Be inspired by 133 curated projects and exclusive visual essays from leading designers: Stefan Bucher, Shanan Galligan, Christian Helms, Robynne Raye. Foreword by Debbie Millman, introduction by Joshua C. Chen,  and commentary by Colin Berry


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