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Regardless of how you encounter St. Helena’s contemporary boutique hotel, whether in person or on screen, every detail is thoughtfully attended and you begin to relax knowing you’re in capable hands. Artfully contemporary and comfortably luxurious, this is life in the California wine country with a cosmopolitan point of view.

Wydown Hotel forest lampshade
Wydown Hotel custom news rack poles

Building a brand goes beyond the logo.

Wydown opened in the summer of 2011 and approached CDA in spring of 2014 initially to redesign its brand identity and foundational signage and materials — the scope of which quickly grew when both parties recognized in one another a mutual drive for excellence and willingness to bring that excellence into reality. With a lifelong appreciation for all things design and how design supports the high quality experience he and his staff deliver, hotelier Mark Hoffmeister was ready to trust CDA to reimagine Wydown’s brand and guest experience.

“I have a great rapport with Josh and the team… everyone is accepting of any ideas I have, but also good at guiding me through their areas of expertise.”
Mark Hoffmeister
“Mark has impeccable taste and brilliant vision for the future of the Wydown Hotel. He is the embodiment of an exceptional client—ours is truly a collaborative partnership.”
Josh Chen
Wydown Hotel tea room wall of art by Gary E. Blum

Stay awhile…

Continued conversations sparked new ideas and over time the relationship grew so that Hoffmeister has the freedom to consult CDA—from curating fine artwork to social media campaigning to overhauling the hotel website. Far from limiting CDA’s expertise to a prescribed set of printed or digital collateral, the Wydown has welcomed CDA’s input on all aspects expressing the Wydown brand—art directing photography; designing key cards and guest room door hangers; choosing paint colors; and selecting ceramic ware used for the tea room.

Wydown Hotel exterior signage
“In my opinion, the branding effort by CDA elevated the hotel from a nice place to stay to a true hotel and brand.”
Mark Hoffmeister
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Wydown Hotel custom news rack
Wydown Hotel plated pastries
Wydown Hotel door hanger - YUP please come right in
Wydown Hotel view across Main Street