We developed the Venus Spirits brand and its first launch to have a unique, bold personality. Elegant and spare, the gin packaging focuses on its locally-sourced, organic botanical blend. Prominent spaces mark the particular blend’s number and a specific batch out of a total gives the distinct impression of a limited edition work of minimalist art.

Venus Spirits Gin packaging detail
“Chen Design Associates did a great job at making sure that you understand that this is a true artisanal crafted product through the design of the label. It has a feel of exclusivity, from the texture of the paper, to the hand numbered batches.”
The Dieline, Jul 22, 2014
Venus Spirits Gin bottle packaging
Venus Spirits Gin packaging detail
Venus Spirits Gin packaging lineup, Aquavit closer
VSP-toolset-logos JUN-toolkit-logo-label VSP-toolset-type VSP-toolset-type-LABEL
VSP-toolset-icon GHC-Torch-Toolkit-LETTER-MARK
VSP-toolset-logos JUN-toolkit-logo-label
VSP-toolset-icon GHC-Torch-Toolkit-LETTER-MARK
VSP-toolset-type VSP-toolset-type-LABEL
Venus Gin label detail
Venus Gin cap detail
Venus Spirits Gin packaging lineup