Strategy is seeing differently.

Seeing people with genuine curiosity for how they live their lives.

Seeing markets and distinguishing reality from hype.

Seeing business challenges as opportunities to adapt and grow stronger.

What We Do


Market Research

Customer Insights


Purpose & Values

Brand Architecture

Go-to-Market Strategy

Content Strategy


Our powers combined

Our favorite way to start a working relationship is through face-to-face workshops. We want to get to know your business, but we also want to know more about you, your team, and how you work together. Our goal is to create an environment where teams can collectively solve problems, generate new ideas, and deepen their sense of purpose and connection. We intentionally facilitate each workshop so that every participant has opportunities to make their voice heard.

Group around a table at a strategy workshop

Brand Foundations

The best way to stand out is to know what you stand for. We want to conduct an honest assessment of why your business exists, besides making swimming pools full of money of course. We’ll help you zero in on things like value proposition, competitive advantage, brand benefits, and positioning, all while laying the groundwork for a brand strategy that separates you from the pack.

Know Your Audience

People hold multitudes in their desires and motivations, and the more your business can speak to complexities in dynamic representations the better. Our specialty is employing qualitative methods to find the unexpected insights and idiosyncrasies that help businesses make things that truly matter to people.

Content Strategy & Messaging

This is the one about words. We can help you find words that are better, if not perfect. Really though it’s not about right words versus wrong words. It’s about you and what feels, to use a good but extremely overused word, authentic. Let’s call it honesty instead. That’s what we’re after.

Discussing values at a workshop

Purpose & Values

It’s one thing to have a mission statement. It’s another to have a clear, unifying purpose that everyone in your company can rally around. We help executive teams define their mission and vision, articulate their guiding values, and identify opportunities to embody mission in company culture.

Naming & Brand Architecture

What’s in a name? We’ll make sure that whatever it is, your brand name will stand out from the rest. Our interactive and collaborative process incorporates the brand foundation we build together to make sure that your name is memorable and meaningful. We’ll also consider how your house of brands live together, strategically and visually.

Campaigns & Activations

Some call them branded experiences, but we like to think of it as hospitality. Whether you’re creating a physical space, a digital space, or a hybrid of both, what matters most is how your guests feel. The goal is to turn predictable brand touchpoints into memorable, and dare we say, meaningful moments. We partner with you to make sure your next pop-up, activation, or campaign adds depth and pays dividends for your brand.

Moodboard from a strategy workshop

SWOT analysis at a strategy workshop

Launch Strategy

You’ve done all the hard work to create a stellar brand and product, now let’s build a launch strategy that reaches the right people. From creating eye-catching content to crafting channel-specific strategies to aligning internal stakeholders, we’ve got you covered.

“CDA has been an incredible partner for us in bringing this brand to life. From day one, they dug deep to really understand what we were looking for. Their vast experience and depth of team talent, coupled with their thought-provoking partnership style, is rare and powerful.”
Cindy Feinauer, GM of Purist and Custom Business Leader at Specialized Bicycle Components