Save What Matters hero script over rocky landscape photo

Stasher’s mission is to make choosing sustainability easy. Their reusable silicone bags are endlessly functional—from the kitchen to the airplane to the beach—and help reduce the amount of single-use plastic that ends up in oceans and landfills. Stasher approached Chen Design to be their creative partner in bringing to life the look and feel of their evergreen campaign, Save What Matters.

Scope of Work

Visual Identity Systems

Art Direction





Social Media Strategy

Video Concepting

For 2020, Stasher is empowering more people to Save What Matters by giving away 100,000 of their reusable storage bags, eliminating 25M+ single-use plastic bags. We developed a comprehensive visual identity for the campaign that features a range of hand-drawn elements to encourage customers wherever they are on their eco-friendly journey to take action and be part of a growing plastic-free movement.

Stasher campaign mobile views
Stasher designs in progress

Handwritten scripts

We created handwritten scripts that capture the essence of this campaign, with the values of inclusivity, empowerment, and joy at the forefront of our design process. Drawing inspiration from nature, we employed organic shapes and textures that are approachable and optimistic.

Animation showing hero script on a Stasher bag, a website, and a postcard

The primary script we developed is flexible enough for various platforms and audiences throughout the year.

The set of secondary scripts can be used in specific moments and holidays to inject fresh energy into the campaign message.

Animation showing secondary script options

Stasher campaign
In one year, the plastic bags U.S. families use weigh as much as 400 blue whales graphic


Along with the scripts, we created the concepts for and then executed infographics with a similar hand-drawn touch. Our goal is to offer a wider perspective on the impact of single-use plastics on the earth and all its inhabitants.

Infographic showing sea turtlesInfographic showing a globe
25 million plastic bags stretch from Hawaii to California graphic

Saving what matters applies not just to what items or foods customers want to save in their Stasher bags, but how to save the places and environments that matter to the well-being of all communities.

Save What Matters earth script