“We’re so excited to have the new site live and can’t thank your team enough! The whole thing turned from night into day. The content is so dynamic now. What I love is the functionality and ease of finding information. It’s very intuitive.”

Krystal Solorzano, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, SB Architects

To mark 60 years of acclaimed architectural work, from custom homes to global destinations, the leadership at SB Architects looked to Chen Design to guide them in strategically maximizing their brand potential. We created the design framework for a new website setting them up for success well into the future. The result is an immersive, inspiring, and relevant web experience worthy of their award-winning work.

Scope of Work

Discovery Workshop

Content Strategy

UX/UI Design

Art Direction

Website Development

Two team members presenting a low fidelity user journey to the rest of the teamThe SB Architects team discusses website features around a large table

Our team led energizing and consensus-building workshops that engaged diverse voices across the company. Participants gained clearer insight into one another’s roles and customer interactions, helping to further unify the company’s growing bi-coastal teams which also work in Asia and Europe. These collaborative findings paved the way for us to prioritize SB Architects’ content and align the new site with their long-term brand strategy.

A team member working on a strategy exercise with pen and paperA team member reviewing post-it notes in front of a window

The new design underscores the organization’s unique approach and positive culture while presenting their stunning work and thought leadership. We streamlined the website structure to make content simpler to find. We engaged users with a dynamic interface that leverages existing photography and video in visually rich ways.

Example project page with images at different scales, captions, and storytelling copyMobile view of a section of a Project page, showing images and a client quote

We also expanded SB Architects’ ability to tell their unique story by refining typography and expanding the color palette throughout the site. All these design details collectively distinguish them from the competition and express their high level of professionalism to potential talent and clients.

Grid showing website typography, color, and icon systems

Hero carousel at the top of the Perspectives pageMobile version of the Perspectives page carousel

Elements of our design invite more team members to create content, organically demonstrating the company’s culture and telling a more compelling brand story that stands apart from competitors.

Through an improved structure, clearer curation of work, and new sorting features, specific users can find what they need quickly.

Example Perspectives post with images at different scales, a quote, and storytelling copyMobile view of the top of a Perspectives post page with title, metadata, hero image, and intro copy

We created a stronger emotional connection to the SB Architects brand that provides a deeper, not wider, website experience.

“It was a very easy relationship. The (Chen Design) team was open to constructive criticism and would push back. They didn’t just give us what we thought we wanted. We had a great experience and will be working with them again.”

Krystal Solorzano, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, SB Architects


2021 American Web Design Awards, Graphic Design USA