Neenah Paper: Creative (UN)blocks set

Neenah Paper has made sustainable products long before it was in vogue. Recognizing CDA’s pioneering use of its Environment Papers for high-visibility clients, Neenah approached us to create a promotion that captivates the designers who specify paper. The result? Our break-apart block becomes 4 booklets to engage, entertain, educate and guide, chock-full of 150 pages of eclectic and visually stimulating work.

Neenah Paper: Creative (UN)blocks binding
Neenah Paper: Creative (UN)blocks cover details
Neenah Paper: Creative (UN)blocks logo detail
Neenah Paper: Creative (UN)blocks rocket details
Neenah Paper - Creative (UN)blocks: inside cover
Neenah Paper - Creative (UN)blocks: Do it fast. Faster.
“A new, and useful take on paper promotions: Creative (un)Blocks helps designers break through the creative wall with suggestions, inspirations and practical guidance on how to create their way to new solutions.”
Sam McMillan, Communication Arts, March/April 2013

Neenah Paper: Creative (UN)blocks - set





Neenah Paper - Creative (UN)blocks: Study
Neenah Paper - Creative (UN)blocks: Play
Neenah Paper - Creative (UN)blocks: Connect
Neenah Paper - Creative (UN)blocks: Make
Neenah Paper detail
Neenah Paper detail
Neenah Paper detail
Neenah Paper Re-Use


2012–2013 FPO Award

2013 HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards — Merit Award

2013 PRINT Regional Design Awards

2013 HOW International Design Award — Outstanding Award