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Delicious, nutritious, snackable fun.

gimMe aims to bring its tasty and healthy seaweed to snacking hands everywhere, and we had the opportunity to partner with them to launch and spearhead a back to school marketing campaign focused on building brand awareness. During an unprecedented season of parents figuring out school and distance learning during COVID, our goal was to showcase the nutritional benefits of seaweed, make gimMe a household name, and feature easy and delicious options for snacktime.

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Did you know that seaweed is a vegetable?

We wanted to change pre-existing perceptions around seaweed and instead highlight seaweed snacks as friendly and approachable for all palates and all ages.

Photo of a young girl enjoying a seaweed snack

When producing and art directing the photography assets for the campaign, we made sure to focus on gimMe snacks’ delightfully crispy texture and handy, portable size.

Image of a hand holding seaweed surrounded by the text Iodine, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin C
Website mockup showing a custom, on-brand hero graphic

Illustration of a turtle on its back with a pencil in one flipper

To appeal to younger audiences, we put a spin on gimMe’s turtle mascot—making him a friendly narrator highlighting seaweed’s many delights.

Social advertisement on an iPhone with a review that says "Wow, these seaweed snacks are so good…crunchy and salty and so addictive."

Social advertisements that work

Tasked with creating the visuals and copy for a series of ad campaigns, we crafted a message that would resonate with parents navigating shelter-in-place orders, showing how seaweed could meet the entire family’s needs during snacktime.

The goal was to generate foundational learnings around how gimMe’s core audience responds to seaweed snacks and in what form. Through our strategic experiments, the campaign provided key metrics in guiding the direction of future campaigns, as well as garnering high rates of engagement.

Instagram post on an iPhone showing a toddler holding a package of Sea Salt Seaweed with the text "Snacktime, solved. Caption says "Happy kids, happy parents. gimMe seaweed is the perfect healthy and tasty snack for the whole family."

"Cheese please!" animation showing a square of seaweed topped with a slice of cheese and two slices of cucumber

Seaweed can be for everybody

Additionally, we ran organic campaigns on gimMe’s social channels, which included sharing simple yet intriguing recipes in delightful stop-motion animations. Seaweed’s flavor profile can typically be associated with Asian ingredients, but we wanted to show how seaweed is incredibly versatile through these seaweed snack ideas.

"From snacktime" campaign graphic showing a plate of seaweed, grapes, and carrots next to a smoothie
"Omega-3 Punch" campaign graphic showing a square of seaweed topped with slices of avocado, a slice of egg, and sea salt
"Seaweed Sandwich" campaign graphic showing two halves of whole wheat toast, each topped with a seaweed slice, turkey slices, pickle slices, and sprouts
"Seaweed Sprinkles" campaign graphic showing a bowl of white rice topped with seaweed sprinkles

Strong performance with crucial key learnings

Our collaboration with gimMe was incredibly successful—there were important learnings around the most effective ways to market seaweed snacks to a growing audience, as well as a 30% growth in Instagram followers after the campaign.

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“The Chen Design team is full of inspiring, thoughtful and creative ideas. Their team’s partnership and collaborative process allowed them to bring our Back to School Campaign to life which resulted in the highest engagement we’ve seen on our social media channels thus far!

From strategizing to creation, their team helped elevate our brand and create cohesive content that was relevant and timely during this year of uncertainty!”

Jennifer Lo, Brand Manager


2021 American Web Design Awards, Graphic Design USA