Logo: Flour and Branch, Bakes and Gifts

A cookie stuffed with PB&J. French toast made with chocolate babka. Flour & Branch is the mouthwatering brainchild from Lauren Arnsdorff, and we had the privilege of creating this brand from scratch—from visual identity systems to illustrations to website design.

Scope of Work

Visual Identity System

Art Direction




Packaging Design

Packaging Production

Website Design

Website Development

Flour & Branch branded illustration of Golden Gate Bridge playful scene layered with dessert product photos
Circular stickers in the brand color with the tertiary brand mark

Yours from the first bite to the final crumble.

Flour & Branch strives to evoke those perfect childhood memories and combine them with grown-up sensibilities. With that in mind, we created a visual identity that balanced whimsy and nostalgia with modern relevance. The logo represents a woman-owned business with the mission of bringing joy to everyone through delicious baked goods, and the optimistic poppy red captures the brand’s approachability and chummy nature.

Animation of Flour & Branch debossed orange packaging box sliding open to reveal branded sticker and tissue paper
Branded packaging box with a debossed F&B monogram and branded red ribbons
Flour & Branch packaging box interior with brand icon of cookies and text:
Flour & Branch branded box showing interior cookie illustrations

Looks as Good as It Tastes

From art directing, prop sourcing, food styling, to photography—we produced a comprehensive shoot to capture exactly what makes Flour & Branch goodies so special.

Animated product photography of the Nutella Stuffy cookie
Product photography of cheesecake embellished with a brand illustration

We know you eat with your eyes first, so our goal was to make the cookies, cheesecakes, and french toast look as tantalizing as possible.

Custom spot illustration of a lady with cookie glasses riding a bike
Product photography showing a hand with a fork hovering over a slice of Beshert French Toast on a gilded white plate
Cross section of the PB&J cookie showing the peanut butter and jelly filling oozing out
Custom spot illustration of a hand carrying a box of cookies by the ribbons

A mouthwatering e-commerce experience

We carried the brand’s whimsy and nostalgia into a responsive Squarespace website, recreating an in-store shopping experience through layered details, rich product photography, intentional use of brand visuals, and a tease of discovery behind each click. The hero images further invite customers into the delightful world of Flour & Branch, while the animations bring the products to life.

Website home page showing animated product images

Using the same sketch-style featured in the logo, we incorporated illustrations into the website to playfully interact with the product photography.

Photo of Flour & Branch website on an iPad with customized hero banner featuring illustrations and cookie photography

“The CDA team made my dream and vision for my brand come alive and treated this concept like it was their own, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of them and the final outcome. The packaging, website, and branding are truly superb and unique, and each customer I’ve received feedback from has commented on how cute and beautiful the entire package looks.”

Lauren Arnsdorff, Owner & CEO of Flour & Branch