Centro Callan graphic construction wrap

Building on a successful collaboration over numerous real estate projects, The Martin Group trusted us to develop a standout brand identity for its new property in San Leandro, California.

Currently under construction and expected to open in 2024, Centro Callan is a community residence offering a warm, convivial space and the best of city life with the charm of a small town.

Scope of Work









Guided by Strategy

Our process began with local market research and a stakeholder workshop to create the basis for everything we created: from the building’s name to the feeling we want to evoke with its design details. We drew inspiration from the city’s first female mayor’s heritage and the community’s Portuguese roots to create the Centro Callan brand with current audiences in mind.

Big Town, Little City

Centro Callan’s story celebrates the beautiful intersection of different cultures and people. Located on a prominent street corner, our naming and visuals provide a memorable sense of place in San Leandro’s center. For the logo identity, we crafted an inviting modern monogram that’s a Californian take on Portuguese Azulejo tiling. Along with a mediterranean color palette and playful typography we balanced qualities envisioned for the space from both cultures.

Peaceful Urban Living is a place that brings together the energy and culture of a city center at the pace and familiarity of one’s hometown. Like the city of San Leandro itself, Centro Callan is a warm welcome full of artistry and serenity amidst the rush of Bay Area life.

Centro Callan graphic wallpapper
Center image of the branded colors and textures
Centro Callan graphic wallpaper
Centro Callan building image
“Chen Design’s strategy-based approach to design delivers results that play off market trends, resonates with customers and guarantees success for our products. It is such a relief to work with a team that delivers high-quality, thoughtful results each and every time.”
Kate Osler, Director of Marketing & Leasing, The Martin Group