California Freemason grid of artwork
“Creative design, illustration, branding — these are CDA’s major strengths. We absolutely recommend CDA to others. They’re great listeners! Very high quality, creative people who think conceptually.”
Emily Limón, Vice President, Communications, Masons of California
California Freemason coves + illustrated spreads


2017 Folio Awards
for excellence in magazine editorial and design across all publishing sectors

Bridging the Unknown — Use of Digital Imagery

Honorable Mention
Why We Break Bread — Single Article

Honorable Mention
The Dignity of Service — Use of Photography

Honorable Mention
Freemasonry and Travel — Cover Design


California Freemason illustration detail
California Freemason redefining Relief editorial spread
California Freemason: Nesting doll G illustration
California Freemason: G illustration
California Freemason illustration detail
California Freemason: Freemasonry Confidential illustration
California Freemason: Freemasonry Confident/The Importance of Masonic Secrecy illustration
California Freemason illustration
California Freemason: Pioneer Spirit editorial spread