When it comes to constructing skyscrapers, modern commercial offices, and detailed luxury interiors, Build Group is right at home. When it came to overhauling the company’s own website, the rapidly expanding builder partnered with CDA to create a robust, responsive site to serve as brand ambassador and powerful sales and recruitment tool for the growing years ahead.

In a climate of booming construction, we set apart Build Group from its corporate counterparts by tapping into its founders’ gutsy but professional personality, telling their story in compelling ways. On the homepage, we captured the dynamism and grand scale of the company’s work using dramatic drone footage. Our choice for the striking, electric blue against black and white photography enlivens Build Group’s brand identity in the digital space. And on each landing page, we employed an unconventional grid layout that captivates the viewer’s eye and showcases an impressive range of projects.

Build Group website All Projects

Our strategy was to develop the site with a seamless user experience attractive to potential partners and employees. We crafted the overarching brand voice and incorporated quotes by team members to express the values held by Build Group. The “Our Core” timeline, stunning leadership portraits, and profiles provide top-level viewing with deeper information upon rollover. Robust project filtering makes it easy for users to explore their interests, find relevant work, and connect to appropriate contacts within the company. And our interactive map highlights Build Group’s growth and expansion. With automatic updates from real-time Salesforce data and social media posts, the site exemplifies the company’s agility and expertise in turning visions into physical realities.

Build Group website project detail