Collection of assets generated for 2020 Adobe digital projects

In 2020, we were privileged to complete multiple collaborations with Adobe. The leading creative technology giant succeeds through innovation and its Learn & Support team commissioned us in its key efforts. We created a slew of visual assets to highlight this year’s new releases and tools across a diverse array of signature products, channels, and audiences. The result is a seamless brand experience within featured apps and on Adobe’s site.

Scope of Work

Art Direction

Animation Storyboarding

Digital Artwork Creation

Concept & Copywriting

Video Editing & Production

Rebirth of Illustrator

Distinct from its desktop forerunner, “Illustrator on the iPad” takes advantage of the device’s touch capabilities to leverage its powerful drawing tools. Tasked to avoid solo illustration work to differentiate from other Adobe offerings, we had fun tapping into our broad agency experience to dream up appealing yet believable graphic design projects for their in-app tutorials and videos. Striking the balance between what’s possible and achievable for the beginner, we also sought to capture the imagination of experienced users needing to quickly unlock the new app’s features.

Lettering of the word "Play" with each letter in a different styleMock packaging tags for a fictional garden supply store in a limited palette of brown, yellow, and light blue
Mock packaging for two bars of chocolate for the fictional Delice ChocolatesMock design for a white tote bag with branded artwork for a fictional EcoFuture conference

Creating cohesion through color, we connected a wide range of design contexts and styles, tying each visual to its signature app and channels.

Various Discover tutorial thumbnail assets in the Adobe Creative Cloud Discover module

Discover InDesign

This is the industry standard for creating anything with type in the last 20 years, and Adobe provides online resources to expand its users’ proficiency and inspire their creativity. We worked closely with Adobe’s internal team to realize their vision and goals by designing a visual system of illustrations for ten step-by-step articles and brief demos aimed primarily for InDesign beginners. Leveraging Adobe Stock imagery, we thoughtfully integrated custom artwork to explain featured tools—creating real world contexts at just the right level of inspiration.

Animated GIF from an article showing the use of animations in e-books

Dovetailing with Adobe’s processes, we delivered content streamlined and flexible enough for use in a variety of formats, including video, GIFs, and any future needs.

Graphic showing a page from a tablet e-book of recipes for Kale Pasta SaladGraphic showing the Libraries panels in Illustrator next to a social media banner selling office suppliesGraphic showing a crop of a spread in InDesign that demonstrates threaded textGraphic showing the Character panel and the Fonts dropdown next to a spread from a creator's magazine

What’s New modal window in Photoshop 2021 showing the Sky Replacement feature

Top Innovations for the Year

The latest Adobe releases are unveiled at the annual event, Adobe MAX, hosted by Adobe North America, Europe and Japan. We produced captivating images in time for the conference, complete with detailed UI, to spotlight the newest features for each app. Our assets focus on advancements for Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. Visuals captivate quickly, align to the overall look of each respective sub-brand, and were designed with translation into further languages and formats like animation and video in mind.

Animated What's New modal window in InDesign 2021 showing a series of 4 assets for 4 different new features

What's New graphic for Recolor Artwork feature in Photoshop showing the Brushes panel on desktop, laptop, and mobileWhat's New graphic for Recolor Artwork feature in Illustrator showing a chameleon illustration in cool and warm color palettesWhat's New graphic for Roto Brush 2 in After Effects showing a dancing girl in front of a changing backgroundWhat's New graphic for Scene Edit Detection in Premiere showing a clip of a kingfisher

“What’s New” images live separately within each flagship app’s home screen (clockwise from the top left): Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects.

Our deep understanding of brand systems, broad experience across industries, and sharp technical expertise made us a natural fit and a ready partner for Adobe’s Learn & Support team. We customized our service to their platforms and procedures, solving challenges to illustrate ideas with intelligence for specific audiences and convey instructions in exciting ways.