Special elections in San Francisco, Piedmont and Dublin are being held next Tuesday, November 5. Find helpful info on SF candidates and local ballot measures through the link in bio. Show up, speak up. ⁠ ⁠

Thanks to you, we’ve reached our goal of 500 pledges to vote in today’s midterms! We’re so encouraged by all the photos of proud voters repping their stickers—here are some beautiful faces we saw around Oakland. If you’re in the area and would like stickers, we dropped some off at Awaken Cafe, Open Cafe, Modern Coffee, Beauty’s Bagels, and Donut Savant. #votewithchendesign

Happy Election Day! We’re feeling grateful, empowered, and hopeful. Our collective commitment to make our voices heard continues beyond today, and we pledge to keep showing up and speaking up for justice and democracy. Wear and share your “I Voted” stickers proudly, and be sure to tag us and #votewithchendesign.⠀

Tomorrow's the big day! Do you have an election day game plan? Check out the FAQs on our website for if you're looking for resources on ballots. Link's in the bio. #votewithchendesign.

Have you pledged to vote yet? We’re so close to our goal of getting 500 pledges to vote in the midterms! Awesome stickers await to those who pledge through the link in our bio. Do it now so we can mail out your stickers to you ASAP. #votewithchendesign

How will you rep your vote? We’re aiming to get 500 pledges to vote next Tuesday in the midterms, and sending a free sheet of custom-designed stickers to anyone who pledges through the link in our bio. Pledge now so we can mail out your stickers to you ASAP! #votewithchendesign

Many thanks to the 300+ folks who have pledged to vote next Tuesday! If you haven't yet, pledge now through the link and we'll send you a free sheet of stickers. And if you're an early voter, share your "I Voted" photos with us using #votewithchendesign—we'd love to see.

We're halfway to our goal of reaching 500 pledges! Pledge to vote next Tuesday through the link in our bio and we'll send you these nifty "I Voted" stickers. Tag a fellow voting buddy below and help us spread the word. #votewithchendesign

Make your voice heard. Pledge to vote with us on votewithchendesign.com and we'll send you a free sheet of stickers for you to proudly rep next Tuesday. #votewithchendesign

Our hope for our country is that all voices are represented fairly. Pledge to vote through the link our bio and we’ll send you some awesome stickers. #votewithchendesign

We created these awesome stickers to encourage you this midterm election, because your vote shapes our collective future. Get yours for free just by pledging to vote via the link in our bio! #votewithchendesign

Are you planning on voting? We hope you are! If you pledge to vote through the link in our bio, we’ll send you a free sheet of stickers, specially designed by us. #votewithchendesign

“After learning all sorts of things from all sorts of different people throughout life, I have a duty to understand what’s happening in the world and take a stance.” - Kim, our UX/UI Lead Designer Why do you vote? Tell us below and keep an eye out tomorrow—we've got something exciting up our sleeves just in time for the midterms. #votewithchendesign

“It’s easy to ignore issues that don’t directly affect me, but preparing for the vote keeps me empathetic and active in the fight for a better and more equitable world for all.” - Becky, our Sr. Brand Strategist Why do you vote? We want to hear your thoughts. #votewithchendesign

“If I want change, it’s crucial to make my voice heard.” -Alison, our Operations Director Why do you vote? Let us know in the comments. #votewithchendesign