It's all about the thoughtful details at @wydownhotel. Check out the full case study of our work with Wydown Hotel on our website—the link is in our profile!

Emigre is a digital foundry started in 1984 in Berkeley, and our Interactive Director @bconery accumulated quite the collection and brought books into the office to share with us. The formats of the books changed numerous times over its 69 issues, with the last six ending as small paperback books. Check out our Story for more typeface inspiration!

Come on in and discover what we can create for you. #chendesign

Can't beat the view from today's office.

Want an in-depth look at one of our designer's creative process? @kimberlylow is currently crafting a cover for our client @samuelmerrittu’s Report to the Community—she started with a digital mockup and is now building the cover in paper by hand using a xacto knife, bookbinding glue, and tape. The theme for this year's report is the “dimensionality of who we serve and the human interactivity of community, teaching, technology,” so Kim chose paper as a medium to convey dimensionality, depth, and texture in a way that a flat illustration can't. Stay tuned to see the final cover and product of Kim's hard work! #ChenDesign

The #ChenDesign library nook—where we have impromptu team huddles, find inspiration on the shelves, and take in the best view of the Fox Theater marquee.

Shelves are looking pretty spiffy at the office.

Part of the creative process at #ChenDesign: sketching out our vision of the perfect product shot with trusty pencils and paper.