For @puristcollective’s launch at #OutdoorRetailer, we designed a booth experience to seamlessly introduce the Purist brand and new products to attendees. Our goal was to make the Purist booth stand out amongst competitors, taking into consideration every brand touchpoint, from the music to the catalog to the wardrobe, as well as to create an optimal space for potential customers and visitors to interact with the product and the team. Swipe through to see our entire process.

A bottle that goes where the moment leads. Produced, directed, and filmed by our team to showcase at the @puristcollective booth at #OutdoorRetailer. Many thanks to @rosestaproom for letting us feature their beautiful space and delicious beer!

We’ve been hard at work for the past year building a comprehensive new brand for Purist, starting with their new line of innovative bottles. This week, we’re excited to help launch their product at #OutdoorRetailer. One of our tasks included concepting, strategizing, and executing their Instagram presence. Check it out at @puristcollective.