...and now we're craving pastries. Brand creation and launch for @craftsmanwolves. Photo by @jensiska. - #chendesignvault, 2012

Brand and packaging work for @junipperridge. Photo by @jensiska. ⠀ -⠀ #chendesignvault, 2012

A team outing to @oakland_cm featuring Yoshie Akiba was the perfect way to end the week. We learned about founder Yoshie's personal history, as well as how Bay Area institution @yoshis_oak came to be. Our studio was fortunate to do re-branding work for Yoshi's Oakland, while also branding the San Francisco location back when it was first opening. We fused the cut-paper aesthetic of a classic jazz album cover with Japanese symbology and textiles to create a sophisticated, unique visual toolbox. - #chendesignvault, 2007

We're excited to begin a new series where we'll be digging up projects from CDA's storied past and sharing them here, which we're calling #chendesignvault. Why the word vault? We'll get to that soon, but first we want to share our work for @juniperridge. CDA re-imagined the Juniper Ridge brand and packaging for its line of wild fragrance products, printed collateral and retail website. We helped them tell their distinct story authentically and simply to resonate with their savvy clientele and express a mutual love of the outdoors. - #chendesignvault, 2012

Peace: 100 Ideas emerged out of a desire to be responsible with the messages delivered through the medium of design. We are revisiting its pages in the midst of turmoil in our current political climate. We hope these ideas help examine how we act on behalf of peace in our own lives, and where there is room for improvement. - #chendesignvault, 2004