Peace: 100 Ideas

100 ideas for a more peaceful world


limited quantities left — once we sell out, this book will be out of print!

“People can get turned off by political statements, yet everything is one, ” comments Josh Chen, “We wanted this book to have a political trajectory. Peace is more than just anti-war; it’s about having food on the table or reconciled relationships.”

Released in 2003, after the U.S. invaded Iraq, this book emerged out of a belief in the power of simple acts to bring about peace and a desire to use design to make a substantial statement… actually 100 statements, juxtaposed with 200 pages of original, full-color illustration and photographic imagery.

Visually rich and conceptually layered, the book project was inspired by Dr. David Krieger’s original text-only list “100 Ideas for a More Peaceful World.” He challenged his readers to rethink previous perceptions and re-examine their roles as members of an extended community—and further, to take the ideas and disseminate them. Peace: 100 Ideas in its simplicity and complexity, does just that, continuing to offer a troubled world manageable ways we can all be part of the solution—giving rise to hope, illuminating potential, and aspiring to lay the groundwork, one idea at a time, for a reconciled world.